And here are a few images of the ritual Present Opening in front of the tree.

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sleep98.jpg (19263 bytes)
For a change, Daddy woke the rest of the family up first, so a little extra sleep was required
zd98urhu.jpg (21061 bytes) Music was the theme this year -

Zoe wanted an urhu (Chinese 2-string violin)

and Lucy wanted a flute so she can play in the school orchestra

ld98flut.jpg (19275 bytes)
vd98cd1.jpg (21961 bytes) Whilst Mummy and Daddy expressed their musical talents with CDs... nd98cd1.jpg (20572 bytes)
Thank you to the Stallibrasses in England for their presents
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Someone else made a fleeting guest appearance this year, too. Spot who....
ted981.jpg (21463 bytes)
And then on to Daphne and Peter's for lunch - with a few of their friends...
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The noisy end of the table the Noisier end of the table
Thanks, Frasers, for a lovely day!

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