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Things to do/ Places to see nearby Puri Segara.



  •    Aling Aling Waterfall, stop at nearby Shanti Hotel for drink or meal afterwards

30 min
  •         Badminton - ask Made for the set, tie the net between the 2 palm trees

2 min
  •         Beach walks – left (west) up the beach takes you to Seririt passing water buffalo, pigs, ducks, temple, fishing village etc.  Right (east) goes to temple, at temple turn right inland and follow path and it will lead you back to the road to the villa.  If you turn right just before the villa road and take the paddy field path you will pass goats and cows. Aound the villa are grapevines and rice paddy fields.

  •         Bedegul Botanic Gardens (can be relatively chilly and wet here as it is in the mountains/volcanoes)

1 hour
  •         Bedegul Water Temple

1 hour
  •         Bedegul Market

1 hour
  •         Buddhist Temple

10 min
  •         Croquet - ask Made for the set; rules inside

1 min
  •         Diving/snorkeling at Mejengan Island 1 hour drive then 20 minutes boat ride.  Call Spice Dive in Lovina to arrange everything for you Tel: +62-813-372-42221

  •         Dolphin Watch – will pick up from the villa’s beach. 6am – 8am. Phone Pascal Tel: 081338490820. Cost IDR75k per person. When you book confirm the price tell him you are friend of Valerie at V5 Tangguwisia otherwise he will charge you more. Ask him to pick you up from the beach outside the villa. He can also sort you out for fishing and snorkeling locally, although we have never done this.

  •         Elephant Safari in Taro near Ubud

3 hours
  •         Giant Tree - past Munduk on way to Bedegul – you can climb inside the tree.

  •         Gigit Waterfall (on way  or way back from Bedegul)

45 min
  •         Golfing - at the Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club (18 holes) in the mountain area of Bedugul at the Bratan Lake. It is one of the top 5 golf locations in Asia. You can golf here at temperatures of 16 to 20 degrees. The course was designed by the renowned architect Peter Thompson and is the only course in the whole world located in a volcano.  It is also a good place to stop for a drink if you are in the Bedegul area.

1 hour
  •         Horse Riding - Pegasus Farm in hills above Lovina. Have only 4 horses one of which is a tiny pony. If Valerie is in Bali she can arrange it for you or telephone the stables direct: Tel 081264703085

30 min
  •         Hot Springs

10 min
  •         Lovina for shopping and restaurants

15 min
  •         Monkeys on way to Bedegul

  •         Munduk Waterfall, could combine with trip to Bedgul.  Restaurants nearby for snack drinks and lovely view

30 min
  •         Seririt.  Good to look in fresh food market. Some lovely stalls selling flower offerings. Hardy’s Supermarket sells general food and goods.  Apothek (chemist) is near Hardy’s, next to monument in middle of road.

5 min
  •         Shopping:   Beach traders are very friendly.  Remember to negotiate. Pearls are NOT from Bali, they probably come from China and are in fact fresh water pearls but very nice and good value if you negotiate. Copy watches are fun but check straps and everything work OK.  Spelling of words on the watches may be odd!  Sarongs are good.  Sometimes it is cheaper to buy from Lovina.

  •         Sing Sing Waterfall.

15 min
  •         Swimming, sea is OK and generally very calm, sandy bottom, gentle slope.  Swimming pool great (NB no glasses near pool, please - plastic beakers available).  There are 2 lilos and more can be bought in Lovina.

  •         Tennis - at Tabanan Hotel on way to Singaraja. Balls and 2 rackets in the main bedroom; extra at the hotel

20 min
  •         Tower Restaurant at Mejengan Resort an interesting place at sundown for dinner; pre-book top floor.

55 min
  •         White water rafting near Ubud

3 hours


  •         All day Round trip 1:    Villa, Seririt, Munduk, Lake Tamblikan, Lake Bratan, Bedugal, Singaraja, Lovina, Villa. Stop at Giant Tree, Munduk waterfall and/or Gitgit waterfall, Botanic Gardens at Bedugul, Water Temple at Bedugul. On road above Lake Tamblican you can stop for scenic view photo and photos with large lizard, owl and large fruit bats.  Also on road to Bedugul stop to see Monkeys (beware bites)

  •         All day Round trip 2:    Villa, Singaraja, Kintamani with view of Mount Batur & Mount Agung (lunch?), Taro (Elephant Safari) and/or Ubud then return villa




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