¬DiamondSta'a Activation¬


The ¬DiamondSta'a Activation¬ allows for your alignment to your soul energy to the highest capacity you are able to receive at this time. It assists you to be at your highest vibration.  It will also help you to see your past and the wisdom contained within so enabling you to move smoothly into your full potential now. It allows you to see the true magnificence of who you really are.  This enables you to see beyond your limitations to the beauty of your spirit within your heart. You could call this your Personal Soul Integration.


During the ¬DiamondSta'a Activation¬ you will be lying in a special crystal grid of Herkimer Diamonds, and double terminated Carbon Quartz.  Through your breath and acceptance of being present and through Valerie holding the VA’A (Sirius) Star energy and aiding the smooth flow of this energy the activation takes place.


You may feel your strong connection to the stars, a true opening to the light of the universe through self. This celestial connection is fully grounded to the earth.  It is a full activation of your spiritual connection here on earth.


Valerie was guided though meditation with VA’A in how to set up this activation – which crystals to use, the crystals special prior activation ready for each individual; how to set the crystals in a special grid; and how to channel the correct energy for each individual. Valerie knew it was very important and that it had to be used as soon as possible with as many people as felt they were ready for a total refinement of their vibration.  It was then tested on members of her healing group who reported very favourable results (see testimonials below).  It was also realised that 3 sessions were the most optimal. Now it is being offered to you.  Are you ready to transform into the being of light that you truly are, at your highest potential?  If so make your 3, 1 hour appointments with Valerie for your ¬DiamondSta'a Activation¬, now.


HK$333 X 3 for groups - HK$900 each for individual one on one appointments




"The Diamond Star energy is one of the most high and beautiful vibrations I have felt. It is instantly clearing and up lifting, sending a glow of light and lightness throughout the body. During meditations, it will send you to the depths of your essence and take you on a journey you have never been on, with the utmost ease. Or work on the layers of points in the brain and in the body not yet fully open to the consciousness that is yours and of the greater whole. It was a profound experience for me, and if more may have the same experience, it is one that needs to be shared and passed on. Please try it. Valerie is a wise, trusted and generous channeler. No matter what, you will be changed.

With love and gratitude, Karen"


2006413日是我第三次投入Diamond Star Activation三次的旅程給予我不同的感受和體驗, 歡喜的是察覺到自己與能量/大自然關係的啟發和連繫在今天的旅程上感受到平凡的我原來是活於 , 的能量裡, 浮游於無限的宇宙中, 感謝生命給予我的每一份禮物, 所有的歡喜, 快樂, 甚至是生活中的各種嘮叨, 都是源自愛和對愛的渴求.  “回家的感覺”, 是光的啟引, 打開心扉, 啟發我與靈性上的關係 愛與付出歡喜地接受生命中的每一個經驗, 因為我正走在的路上

Today is my third time in Diamond Star Activation with Valerie Demery.  I am inspired and realized that my soul and the beautiful natural energy are connected.  What a wonderful experience and feeling.  My soul and heart are aligned by a “warm and gentle” energy from above, and my heart is opened for “love” now.  That is a feeling of “at home”.  I also give thanks and receive the gifts and experiences given by life. This is a grateful experience of knowing my soul purposes: to love and to share.  Now, I am happy to go through every experience in life, as I know that I am on my “right” path. Lilian


"I have been fortunate enough to have experienced this activation twice with Valerie. Each time was a different but wonderful experience. The energy is incredible. It brings such a feeling of calm, peace and reconnection, but yet energizes you at the same time. It makes you feel deeply grounded with the earth whilst flying amongst the stars. It seems to know what you need exactly at that moment. For me it is amazing to be able to use the energy of the activation and see what journey it will take you on that day. I have had such a sense of calm, clarity and being at one with myself since. I would highly recommend it and I can't wait for my third and final session." Y of Hong Kong


"Lying on the floor, with the eyes closed, not knowing what is coming, unexpectedly feeling crystals falling all around me, what a wonderful sensation. It felt great. Would it be the energy coming out of the crystals or feeling tuned with them. One little stone was placed on my forehead and I felt like a huge pressure opening up my head especially to the right side. That feeling stayed there for quite some time till slowly disappeared. ...... Colors start appearing and changing in the intensity but I felt completely conscious, I could feel every part of my body ......  I could see very clearly the shape of the temples in Cambodia, dark green stone, shadowed by the light behind, one time after the other. ..... The colors started showing up till a white big light came and I felt at that moment like out of the place, like flying, very light in my body." C


"Valerie's latest treatment 'Diamond Star Activation' was a treatment of which I have experienced twice. Both feeling quite different. It was likened to going into a deep meditative state with crystals raining down on me. Such a deep sense of total relaxation and the feeling of floating into the universe. I felt totally reawakened, grounded and energised at the end. It was if something within me had been opened up and I had a wonderful feeling of 'clarity'. I am looking forward to having my third and final treatment to see where that takes me to finish the recommended course. A unique treatment I would recommend to anyone especially if they are interested in feeling the power of crystals." FC Kinesiologist / Reflexologist

Wendy Mok’s Testimonial of Diamond Star Activation Experience 

When I saw the email from Reflections Bookstore about Valerie’s Diamond Star Activation, I knew right away it was for me.  I immediately called Ruby, and was able to book an appointment for the following Monday (November 28th, 2005).


It was great to see Valerie again.  I learned Sekhem I from her four years ago, but had not seen her again after the course was completed.  Since then, I have taken Sekhem II with Ruby, and I also experimented with other energies through my daily meditations.


Valerie had set up the small room at Reflections with a mat and sheets on the floor.  She explained to me that I should breath with my mouth open, and that she would play some music and put crystals around me once we got started.  I was ready for the experience.


Once we began, I could feel energy at the crown of my head, which then moved down my body, opening the chakras subtly.  I knew Valerie was moving around me, placing crystals in grids, circling around me, and also down my body.  She put one on my third eye as well.


Soon after that, I began to relax.  Valerie told me to try to stay awake, and I think I slipped deeply into meditation.  During that time, I met a guide from Sirius who took me too the planet Sirius, and told me that I am able to use the Va’a energy whenever I need it.  I met other guides as well who gave me other messages and took me to different places in the universe.  I felt a deep healing on the spiritual, psychic and mental levels. 


Towards the end of the session, I felt the energy move down into the heart chakra area, and then into all the different chakras very strongly.  The energy was coming down to the physical level.  As Valerie pulled the blue cloth over me, I slowly came back.  Lying down on my side, I felt happy and positive.  I felt more balanced than I had been in a long time.  When I pulled angel cards after this first session, I got “Purification”, then “Magic”, and finally “Wholeness”.


After the first session, I signed up right away for two more group sessions.


The following was scheduled for Thursday, December 8th, 2005.  In the ten days since the first activation, I continued to feel balanced and positive despite the busyness of the holiday season.  Several times during meditations at home I used the Va’a energy.


At the second session, the main room was set up with mats and sheets, and  pillows for the six of us present that night.  I took the pillow closest to the window.  Valerie told us to lie down so that our hearts were in aligned. 


 Once we were ready, Valerie started the music, and set up the crystal grids.  Again, she put crystals around and over each of us.  She had told me before that she would charge up one box of crystals specifically for each person in the group.


It was a cold night, and the window was open, so I was sniffling after the first ten minutes.  Valerie gave me her towel, but I was still very cold.  I felt I couldn’t get into the meditation, so I just tried to relax.  Then the energy came very quickly to all the chakras, as though it picked up where we left off at the end of the first session.  I felt most of the energy concentrate at the heart chakra.  Layers and layers of old blockages were cleared from this chakra, and I felt acceptance and forgiveness towards myself and others.


After the session, we shared our experiences.  Everyone experienced something different and special.  When I drew angel cards, I pulled “Love”.


Over the next week, I received signs of love everyday!  My angels were reminding me to love myself and others unconditionally.


My third session was on Tuesday, December 13th.  Fortunately, the WTO meeting did not affect the traffic conditions too much.  I was looking forward to the final session!  I pulled an angel card before we started, and I got “Journey”.


This last session is most difficult to describe because so much happened.  I met the guide from Sirius again, and he told me to continue to use Va’a energy for the next two weeks daily.  Other guides and angels came.  They asked me to tell them exactly what I wanted at this time in my life, and I voiced my intentions to them while they listened attentively.  I was brought to different places and times in the universe.  I saw that this lifetime as only one stop of a long, long journey.  I realized that difficulties and challenges in this life are all lessons.  There is no good and bad, or right and wrong.  All experiences make up the story of our journey.  At the end of our conversation, the guide from Sirius gave me a crystal ball, which glowed and sparkled and symbolized the light in me.


For the second half of the session, the guides told me to just relax and accept the Va’a energy.  I felt very cold, even though I knew I couldn’t be.  I was prepared with a thick coat, and the window was not opened this time.  Valerie told me later that the Va’a energy is naturally very cold.


After the music stopped, we quietly sat up.  For the three of us who were present, it was our last of three sessions.  Again everyone had very different experiences.  For me, even though it was the “last” session, I knew it was only the beginning.  I would continue to use this energy at home for the next two weeks.  Before we left, Valerie asked us to choose one diamond crystal to take home.  She said we could use it during our meditations, perhaps to put it on our third eye as we channel energies.


It has been one week since the third session.  I continue to use the Va’a energy almost daily.  Sometimes during my meditations, sometimes just briefly when I use angel cards, and often just as I am falling asleep.  Again, each experience is unique as different areas are cleared and healed. 


This energy has certainly brought a change in my life.  Healing continues to happen on many levels.  Relationships are changing and growing, becoming more honest and meaningful.  The right perspectives, opportunities, ideas and people are entering my life.  I think the Va’a energy has cleared blockages on all levels to allow new growth and experiences to happen.


I have told several friends about my experiences, and most of them want to try it themselves.  As for me, I plan to continue practicing this energy at home.  If Valerie offers another round of three sessions, I would definitely do it again.


Wendy Mok

December 20th, 2005