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May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! 


With Love from Valerie



Internationally Recognised Diploma Courses


I am very happy to announce that Valerie Demery Natural Therapy Training is now a CIBTAC Recognised School, offering full diploma courses in many of the Holistic Therapies.  This is great news for anyone wishing to to be fully qualified and able to work professionally in most of the world. (America is a law unto itself)



  • Anatomy & Physiology

  • Body Massage

  • Aromatherapy

  • Reflexology

  • Diet & Nutrition

  • Indian Head Massage

  • Manual Lymph Drainage

  • Stone Therapy

  • Stress Management

  • Thermal Auricular Therapy

If you are interested in any of the above courses please contact me as soon as possible so I may put your preferences into the schedule for 2007


At the end of January Anatomy & Physiology, Body Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy will start, see the schedule page on the website.


Also do not forget that CIBTAC are running a Teacher Training Diploma Course for therapists in Hong Kong early next year. For details do contact me by e-mail.


Christmas Essential Oil Blend

This is a wonderful blend to burn in a diffuser to make your home smell like the holidays full of warmth, delight and cheer!
Orange, Common Pine and Clove


Colds & Flu Essential Oil Blend
Using oils for colds is a safe and proven method for minimizing symptoms, preventing secondary infections and leaving you with a strengthened immune system.


Blend to burn in a diffuser:
Bay Laurel, Eucalyptus radiata or Eucalyptus Dives, Ravensara aromatica, Lemon


To learn more about how to use essential oils join the Introduction to Aromatherapy, Blending Oils Certificate Course: Jan 23, 25 & 30, 1.30pm - 5.30pm (Tues & Thurs); Cost HK$1,800


These are just some of the courses on offer:

Sekhem Level 1 Course:
Jan 2 & 3, 9am - 4pm (Tues & Wed)

Cost: $1,650


Meet all your energy needs with this simple yet powerful system.


Tutor: Valerie Demery in English

Ayurvedic Massage Certificate Course:
Jan 6 & 13, 10am - 5pm (Sat)

Cost: $3,000

Based on the ancient Indian life philosophy, this is the oldest known treatment to harmonize the body, mind and soul

Tutor: Lilian Fung in Cantonese/English

Aromatics For Pets:
Jan 7, 2pm - 6pm (Sun)

Cost: $650


How to use Essential Oils safely to help your pets


Tutor: Shireen Claucin in English/Cantonese

CIBTAC Aromatherapy Diploma Course:
Starting Jan 18, Thurs & Fri evenings in Cantonese


Starting Jan 23, Tues & Thurs afternoons in English


25 classes ie 100 hours tutor contact time


Cost: $12,700 includes 30 organic essential oils + oils carry case


Pre-requisite only A&P, and Body Massage Diplomas

CIBTAC Reflexology Diploma Course:
Starting Jan 23, Tues & Thurs Mornings

Cost: $12,000


25 classes ie 100 hours tutor contact time


Pre-requisite only Anatomy & Physiology



Tutor: Valerie in English

*Diamond Star Activation*:
Jan 23, 7.15 - 8.30pm (Tues) Cost: $333



Time to connect with your spiritual self right here on earth, now!


Tutor:  Valerie in English

Hot/Cold Stone Therapy Course:
Jan 24, 31, Feb 7 & 14, 1.30am - 4.30pm (Wed)

Cost: $2,700

Great for beating the winter cold!

Tutor:  Valerie in English

For the full schedule view the website.
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301 Ivy House, 18-20 Wyndham St., Central, Hong Kong

Dec, 2006

News Flash

Looking for a different Christmas present!

I now stock Lip balm making kit.  It contains everything you need to make 8 - 10 lip balms including containers and instructions.


Bodywork is a powerful vehicle for healing, awareness and engaging the whole person through a synthesis of structure, function, energy and emotion. All Valerie’s classes

emphasize "whole-body learning" in an environment that is relaxing, dynamic and highly experiential.


94394281 23282546 or




"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself; nothing, but the triumph of principles"


- Ralph Waldo Emerson"




Tuesday Healing Group


Join in a guided meditation by Valerie and then share a Hands on Healing.


For quite a few years Valerie has been hosting this group for spiritual evolvement for herself and her friends.


Come and join in any or all gatherings. 


Next meeting Jan 2, 7.15pm (Tues)


Please give Valerie at least 24 hours notice of your participation.