This Advanced Energy has surfaced to assist humanity to change their vibrational rate quickly and easily so that both mankind and the earth may ascend to their higher purpose. There is a clarity, purity and gentleness to this energy that is truly amazing.  At the same time it is awe inspiring in the results it brings, for it works instantaneously - body, mind, emotions and spirit.  It is you who set your intentions for the use of this energy and what you ask for is what you get. 


The energy is very balanced and has a gentle loving aspect.  This loving, heart centred aspect must return within each individual and this energy helps us to do this very quickly and with great ease. Sekhem may be used to help in an individuals healing on any or all levels whether physical e.g. headaches, digestive problems, aches and pains, releasing habits, increasing your energy levels; emotional problems e.g. to help in relationships; mental e.g. increase creativity /problems solving; spiritual issues e.g. why are you here what should you be doing.  It may be used on oneself, others, animals, plants, on problems that may be happening in your life, to empower yourself or others, to build on the good and release what needs to be changed.  For it is by changing that we may heal..  It may be used as hands-on-healing or in distant healing. This is a channeled  energy in as much as the energy is drawn from outside of ourselves rather than using our own energy to either help ourselves or others.  Therefore, you need never feel depleted when you use this energy. There is no limit to the way the energy may be used, our beliefs and imaginations are the only limit and even then can help you in changing the beliefs that are no longer serving you.


All energy healing systems are valid and different ones suit different people.  Sekhem in particular has supported me extremely well in all that I do. Sekhem is an ongoing system that changes and develops as individuals and the mass consciousness can support those changes.  It is taught in three separate levels, and then the Master Level can be applied for in writing if you wish to teach.  No prerequisites are necessary to do the first level save an interest in the Energy.  There is a lapse of a minimum of 3 months between Level 1, 2 and Advanced and then a minimum of 6 months between Advanced and Master Level.  Master Level is taught in two stages with a minimum of 6 months between those stages. It is necessary to have time to learn the different levels as there is much knowledge that comes with the use of the Energy.  Sekhem has a depth and penetration that must be experienced to be believed.



Level 1 - HK$2,700. 

Contents Level One Workshop
During this workshop you will be thoroughly trained in the procedure for a hands on session on the couch; you will receive and give such a session. You will also be trained in seated treatments, self treatments, group shares and the function and use of the 5 Level 1 Symbols. There will be training and discussion on the Core System, Chakra System; Layers of the Energy Field; The Position of the Organs in the Body; and on being comfortable with the basics of energy work like creating sacred space, protection, grounding, cleansing, understanding the importance of ritual; appreciating the importance of words and other communication.  There will be discussion and group brainstorming of the Language of the Body; Spiritual Concepts; Microcosms, Macrocosms and Power Symbols; You will be given a manual to help you remember what was learnt in the course.  The focus of the Level One workshop is to impart the underlying philosophy of Krhem; to give a strong understanding of, and confidence in, using the basic healing techniques. To see how to use this wonderful energy in your everyday life, for your own empowerment and to begin the personal development path that will bring a stronger remembering of who you truly are. 
You have to wait a minimum of 3 months between level 1 & 2 so that you fully understand and practice the use of Sekhem.


Level 2 - HK$3,600. 

Contents of Level Two Workshop
During this 18 hour workshop you will be thoroughly trained how to take a Case History including listening skills, in the procedures for breaking family patterning in the DNA; for Releasing Mental, Emotional and Physical Blocks, for achieving Forgiveness and Atonement; in the use of the 6 Level 2 Symbols and the Power Sandwich. You will be shown the techniques of The Holographic Technique; The Cosmic Healing Bank and The Healing Triangle. You will learn distant healing. You will revise the Level 1 techniques. There will be discussion and group brainstorming on topics that may arise from the group. A manual is given as a reminder of what you learnt in the course.  The focus of the Level Two workshop is to deepen the underlying philosophy and its use in your everyday life and to strengthen and advance the basic healing techniques. To deepen your own empowerment, personal development and remembering of who you truly are.



Advanced Level - HK$3,600. 


Master by special arrangement with Valerie