Scent is the most enduring of our senses. It has the power to transform our emotions, and heal our bodies. It can take us to another place and time. Let Valerie Demery guide you to your aroma destination...


AROMATHERAPY Courses - Diploma, certificates courses or short workshops -  something for everyone


Aromatic Oil Blending Certificate Course

12 hours  

Cost: HK$2,700


Course Content:

What is Aromatherapy?

What are Essential Oils?

Benefits Physically/Emotionally/Spiritually

Aromatherapy History

How Aromatherapy works

Essential Oil Extraction Methods

30+ Essential Oils and their uses

Carrier Oils

How to use essential oils in our everyday lives


Making 9 essential Oil Blends to take home


Aromatherapy Massage Certificate Course

16 hours  

Cost: HK$3,300 


Course Content:

Full Body Massage Technique

Definition of aromatherapy

How aromatherapy works

Benefits of aromatherapy massage

Basic Essential Oils and carrier oils for massage

Blend 3 basic body oils to take home


Client Care 

Consultation Techniques 


Aromatic Facial Certificate Course

18 hours  

Cost: HK$3,800 


Course Content:

Definition of aromatherapy

How aromatherapy works

Benefits of aromatic facial

Anatomy of the skin

Recognizing Skin Types

Essential Oils and Carrier Oils for different skin types

Complete Aromatic Facial Technique to include; cleansing, toning, masks, massage

Basic Essential Oils and carrier oils for facials

Making facial massage blends

Making different natural aromatic face masks

Making aromatic skin cleansers

Making aromatic toners


Client Care

Consultation Techniques 


Aromatic Facial  Workshop

3 hours 

Cost: HK$450 

You will be introduced to a Complete Aromatic Facial Technique to include;





Basic Essential Oils and Carrier Oils for different skin types

Only natural aromatherapy products will be used


AROMATICS FOR PETS I with Shireen Calucin

4 hours 

Cost: $650

Learn how to use essential oils confidently and safely on your dog or cat.  Essential oils are powerful plant extracts with a broad range of antimicrobial properties and can be the first line of defense in preventative care to keep your pets in optimal condition.  Essential oils also work on the mental-emotional symptoms of an animal such as nervousness and aggression, playing a part in the healing on all levels physically and emotionally.


Course Content:

Benefits of using essential oils on your animal

Essential oil safety and quality

Introduction to useful essential oils for:

 * Common skin problems

* Joint inflammation/stiff joints

* The Immune system

* Trauma/fear

How to blend

Making simple remedies for your pet

Blends to take home


Aromatic Chakra Balancing  Workshop

3 hours  

Cost: HK$450  


Workshop Content:

Basic Chakra Theory

Essential Oils for each chakra

Chakra Blends

How to apply oils to balance the chakras

Make your own chakra blend to take home with you


Floral Waters Workshop

3 hours  

Cost:  HK$450 


Workshop Content:

What are Floral Waters

Benefits of using floral water

How to use floral water in our everyday lives

Use for the professional  therapist



Aromatherapy for the Emotions

3 hours 

Cost:  HK$450 


Sacred Oils Workshop

3 hours  

Cost:  HK$450  


Review of 40 Common Essential Oils Workshop

3 hours 

Cost:  HK$450 


Review of 40 More Essential Oils Workshop

3 hours  

Cost:  HK$450  


Kinesiology with Aromatherapy Workshop

3 hours 

Cost:  HK$450 


Aromatherapy and the Systems of the body Certificate series

Each workshop - 3 hours - HK$450

Complete all workshops in the series to gain the certificate


1.  Respiratory System Workshop

2.  Digestive System Workshop

3.  Immune System Workshop

4.  Reproductive System

5.  Blood Circulatory System Workshop

6.  Lymphatic System Workshop

7.  Urinary System Workshop

8.  Muscular/Skeletal System Workshop

9.  Nervous System Workshop

10.  Integumentary System - Skin Workshop



Aromatherapy Diploma


(Pre- requisite  Recognised Anatomy & Physiology Diploma and Body Massage Diploma)


The course requires a minimum of 100 hours contact, a further 50 hours or more of home study, plus 45 minute multiple choice theory examination and 1 hour 30 minutes practical examination . Practical case studies are also required, a minimum of four treatments on four clients.


Training covers:

  • The theory related to Aromatherapy 

  • Specific body and facial massage techniques, designed to relieve stress and tension, and to allow the most effective distribution of essential oils over the body 

  • The in-depth study of over 40 essential oils including their mental, emotional and physical effects and their applications in treatments 

  • After care & home care

  • Anatomy & physiology revision

  • Chemistry of essential oils

  • Client care & consultation

  • History of aromatherapy

  • Massage movements

  • Mixing & blending of essential oils

  • Olfactory system

  • Pathology

  • Philosophy of complementary therapies

  • Business studies

  • Health and Hygiene

  • Nutrition
  • Salon procedures
  • Skin diseases
  • Skin structure and function


The CIBTAC Diploma will be awarded upon successful completion of the course, the examinations and the case studies.


A copy of your Anatomy & Physiology and Body Massage diplomas are required when booking a place.


Course Cost:  HK$18,000 

Cost includes: 30 Essential Oils, Oils portable carrying case, notes, 2 large towels, 2 small towels.


Student extra costs:


Approx 25

Uniform you may already have one from your massage course


Exam Fee



 Approx 200

Floral Water to cleanse feet/face available from School

Approx 200

Natural/Facial cleanser available from School

Approx 200

Vegetable Oils available from School

Approx 350

Total approx

$2, 575