Australian Bush Flower Essences

Level 1

Cost HK$2,980

The major topics and themes covered in this two day workshop will be:           

·         History and philosophy of Flower Essences

·         Gain new insights into nature, the plant kingdom and yourself

·         Understand how emotional patterns affect your health

·         Learn how to powerfully, yet gently change these patterns and improve the quality of your life

·         Receive the most up to date in depth information on the research and development of Flower Essences

·         Discover new tools to meet and resolve life’s challenges and crises, learning difficulties and family issues

·         Enjoy a stunning visual presentation of the flowers used to make the Essences as well as the diverse regions of Australia in which they grow

·         Actively participate in a bush walk, flower meditation and outdoor intuitive art process

·         The Endocrine system and its correlation to the Bush Essences

·         Discover how to enhance self esteem and self confidence

·         Learn how to make a Flower Essence as well as prescribe them

·         Master how to identify and clear negative subconscious sabotage programs


You will receive a certificate for this course from the Australian Bush Flower Essences Association.


Your tutor for this course is Janssen Chan,  an endorsed teacher of the Australian Bush Flower Essences Association. 

**Please note: Depending on the number of participant questions, the flow of each workshop, as well as time constraints, all topics may not be covered.