Crystal Healing


Learn from the best Crystal Healing Teacher in Hong Kong.


Crystals heal by balancing energy.


Crystal Healing is a beautiful way to relax and hence aid our bodies and souls to unwind and start to heal.


Using crystals is an ancient practice and anyone can learn how to use them. Ill health, and mental and emotional discomfort, is often blocked energy in the body. Crystals can help to unblock stuck energy in our body and get us back in balance, improving health and well-being.


Crystals can give us strength in times of fear, lack of confidence, anxiety, trauma, and other distressing situations.  Different types of crystal have different therapeutic properties and their different colours are important for many different applications, including chakra balancing. Clear quartz is a highly evolved crystal which has strong vibrations and is powerful when used in healing, meditation and affirmation.


There are many books and articles on crystal healing but by far the best way of learning about them is by using them, getting to know them and trusting your intuition.  You can join Valerie Demery for a hands on experience in Crystals.  A Crystal Journey learning basic to advanced techniques used in Crystal Healing.  . Or book a Crystal Healing Treatment with Valerie Demery.


Crystal Healing Basics WorkshopRelated Image

3 hours of Crystal Fun

Cost $450


A time to explore crystals and the chance to ask Valerie about crystals and how they may aid your healing.  May include:

Crystal Healing Certificate Course

12 hour course

Cost:  HK$2,700


What you will learn:


Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Course

12 Hour course

Cost: HK$2,700

Pre-requisite: Crystal Healing Certificate Course


Rainbow Crystal Massage Certificate Course

6 hours

Cost: HK$1,200

Pre-requisite: Crystal Healing Certificate Course + Massage Course


Healing with Crystal Jewellery Workshop

3 hours

Cost: HK$280


Crystal Divination Workshop

3 hours

Cost:  HK$280


Meditating with Crystals Workshop

3 hours

Cost:  HK$280


Using a Pendulum Workshop

1 - 2 hours

Cost: HK$180