Energy Healing


Energy healing is one of the oldest forms of medicine.  It is hands-on healing that helps people heal their physical or emotional issues using techniques that adjust and balance energy fields inside and outside the body.  Illnesses happen when blockages in the body's energy system occur. Causes can include physical trauma, surgery, disease, exhaustion, emotional crises and stress. Eastern medicine has long known of the existence of these energy fields and now many people are turning to these methods.


Energy Healing is simple if a few universal rules are followed.  We all have an innate ability to heal ourselves and to apply the same healing energy to others.  Many cultures use different techniques but in essence the same divine creative force of love is the energy that may be employed.  Valerie has learnt many techniques from others including Reiki and Sekhem and also draws on her own source of universal knowledge.  It is time to share this truth with others, to share this heart centred healing, the gift of love that we all have, it is time to remember!


Healing with Valerie may be leant as Sekhem and/or by following the Heart Centred Healing Series developed by Valerie.  Personal Transformation is greatly enhanced by allowing a  Diamond Star Activation. Click on the links below for more details.

Diamond Star Activation


Heart Centred Healing Series