Hot/Cold Stone Therapy


Stone Therapy has been described as being 5 times more relaxing than a regular massage.  This form of massage integrates the application of thermo-therapy using basalt stones for the heat and marble and semi-precious stones for the cold application.    The stones are used in a foundation layout protocol and in active massage which was developed to be soothing and nurturing.  Enjoy the benefits of Healing Stone Massage and gain peace of mind and a sense of well-being.


The benefits of Healing Stone Massage
- Increased circulation of blood, lymph and vital energies

- Improved tone of visceral organs, aids in elimination

- Diaphoretic (induces perspiration) to purify blood
- Strengthens and tones yin (hollow) organs and conditions

- Reduces excess yang (tension) in soft tissue and meridians

- Increases joint mobility
- Increases intervertebral ligamentous circulation
- Sedates central nervous system

- Relieves sinus pressure and pain
- Restores balance


Healing Stone Massage is not for everyone

If you are suffering from any of the following you cannot receive a treatment:

- Any skin abnormality or swelling, broken skin, open wounds, rashes (including athlete's foot, impetigo), lesions, sunburn, boils, herpes (cold sores) and post-hepatic neuralgia
- Nausea

- Severe pain

- A fever
- Inflammation of the lymphatic vessels (lymphangitis)

- Swollen glands
- Easy bruising

- Whiplash or other acute trauma in the first 48 hours


Hot/Cold Stone Therapy Certificate Course

2 days 

Cost:  HK$2,700 


Equipment for sale

Stone sets Basalt, Marble and semi-precious stones


Sage for smudging etc