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Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork




For many years I had discovered the art of Energy Healing, mind/body connection theories and studied many forms of bodywork.  Many of which I felt impelled to teach so that others could learn through my own growth.  But always it was the energy healing that carried my heart. 

 Kumu Kealohi

I loved massage but no one had really shown me a way to incorporate bodywork with energy and spirituality effectively until I learnt Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork with Wayne Kealohi Powell.  He brought the body alive with remembered divinity.  What a release - here was what I had been searching for.  It allowed me to use my own divine energy in a full flowing sacred massage.  What more could I ask for? To honor the body on all levels, to allow for release all that no longer serves, to keep the wisdom and to realize that change is now possible, all through a beautiful, nurturing massage.  This work truly shows a person how perfect their body is, to allow acceptance of self through love.


You just feel the energy flowing, releasing, bridging gaps, clearing, setting you free.  All the elements of the earth and the energies of the stars are called forth to aid in the release, to regain your power.  You feel your body tangibly sparkling with love, you awaken your crystal heart to feel the divine within.Hanalei River Valley, Kauai, Hawaii.jpg


Temple style Lomi Lomi was used by the shamans in Hawaii as a right of passage, used for the persons who were ready to allow great change in their lives, to honor who they were, for self realization. I thank you Wayne for the support and love you have shown me, allowing me to move forward into my new life and new work.


Now, donít you think it is time to do the same. 


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To experience a 3-4 hour Temple Style Lomi Lomi or to attend or arrange a course in Asia with contact Valerie. 


Hawaiian Shamanic Body Work, Lomi Lomi 1 Course with Valerie Demery

Introduction to The Hawaiian Principles for Healing

Mana Breathing - universal energy breathing

Haipule - The Smiling Law of Manifestation ritual

Kalana Hula - Meditation Dance communing with the 4 Elements and the 3 Kingdoms of Nature

A Hawaiian chant for blessing and empowering

Kahi Loa - Hawaiian Magic Touch Massage with the elements and kingdoms of nature

Ka'alele - The flight of the Iwa bird, the basic dance steps for  Lomi Lomi

Ancient joint rotations for deep release of the elbows, wrists, knees and ankles

Lomi Lomi - "Temple Style" strokes for a full back of body massage (back of legs, back, arms & head).


Cost: HK$3,800

Hawaiian Shamanic Body Work, Lomi Lomi 2 Course with Certification with Valerie Demery

Prerequisite: Lomi 1

Principles for Healing: A deeper transmission of Huna

Another Hawaiian chant for blessing sessions & calls to Spirit

A shaman journey - the inner world "Kahiki" where shamans gather to heal & share

Ancient joint rotations: deep release of the shoulders & hips

FULL back Review of the massage and the flip to the front

Lomi Lomi - strokes for full front massage, the face and belly

Full body sessions - Lomi Lomi - (front and back)

A certificate for training in Lomi One & Lomi Two


Cost: HK$3,800



Mahalo Valerie for such an awesome 4 days! Iíve had Lomilomi performed on me before but most certainly not in the manner that you so beautifully and inspiringly taught. It was an amazing adventure of Lomi love, light and learning.

I had been wondering before the course what the spiritual energy aspect of it was. When it came, it simply tingled down. And I can still picture the amazement shown in my Lomi partnerís eyes as she too sensed the energy as I completed the blessing for our client at the start of the Kahi Loa Sequence practicum. The forehand strokes that followed were eye-openers and once grasped they become, as you had explained, natural flowing movements that went automatically with the flow and intuition. My own hamstrings are now much less tense and taunt for which I must thank you for showing us the joint rotation techniques.

I look forward to Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork, Lomilomi II.   Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo  (From J)

I have just completed the Lomi Lomi Level 1 course with Valerie and what an amazing 4 days!  I attended the course initially as a refresher, but found I learnt a whole lot of new techniques that compliment and enhance my exsiting skills.  You won't be disappointed!  Thanks Valerie, I'm now looking forward to Level 2. (From Nicole Graham)




Private Sessions with Valerie


Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork:  (3 - 4 hours) Massage Honouring the Sacred Body. May incorporate the following:

Sacred Foot Washing + dialogue (1/4 - 1/2 hour)


Kahi Loa massage (1/2 - 1 hour)

Kahi Loa means "Permanent Oneness". It is a shamanic form of Lomi Lomi massage and Hawaiian healing which employs the mana (divine power) of Spirit in Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, Plants, Animals and Humans. Kahi Loa is a deep, gentle, loving communion with Nature and one's soul. It can be a truly sensuous, healing journey of pure Hawaiian Magic!


"Temple Style" Lomi Lomi (2 - 3 hours)

This Temple-style Lomi Lomi is a rite-of-passage that was performed in ancient Hawaii to bridge heaven and earth energies in the body. Our physical and spiritual natures are not separate, rather they dance together as one in a fully integrated human Being.

Lomi Lomi means "to remove what doesn't belong." It is an ancient rite-of-passage for integrating the physical and spiritual energy. This deep tissue Hawaiian massage/dance can bring you home, as well as relieve many layers of stress and tension. We focus deeply on all the joints in the body, releasing toxins and expanding range of motion.  A powerful, cleansing, healing journey. It can reconnect you with your Mana.


Cost: HK$1,800 for 3-4 hours full treatment

            HK$1,300 for 2 hour Sacred Foot Wash +Lomi Lomi