The Benefits

Reflexology is an ancient skill that uses a compression technique on the feet to influence the entire body. A Reflexologist's aim is to understand the language of the feet, and to interpret it so that she can evaluate the body's vitality, improve ill health, and maintain stamina and vigour.


To the Reflexologist the foot is the map of the body which she learns to read as easily as a book. The key to "foot reading" is that we carry all of our unfinished business engraved on our body. The body "remembers" physical imbalance, emotional trauma, spiritual experience and everything that created an imbalance yet was never resolved.


The Reflexologist can identify many of these imbalances and their effects on the body by merely looking at the feet. Their shape speaks of the structure of the spine and of the flexibility of muscles and joints. Lines on the feet will identify congestion in different organs, lungs, stomach, intestines etc. Even calluses describe structural and emotional functions.


This information is used to formulate the session with each individual. Every session is unique. As the body improves  a different type of session is required to maintain this exquisite sense of well-being. Even when better, many people continue "getting their feet done". It becomes a tune-up, a method of health maintenance, a protection against ill health. Prevention of disease costs less than correction.

More and more people are receiving Reflexology and experiencing its benefits. It is slowly becoming more acceptable therefore receiving the recognition it deserves. 


Some possible reactions to a Reflexology treatment

- Release of pain - relaxation of nerves and muscle tension
- Runny nose or excess mucus - detoxification of sinuses
- Perspiration - release of excess fluids or detoxification through the skin
- Eyes watering - cleansing of lachrymal glands
- Gas release - improved stomach and bowel function
- Tiredness - body switches into parasympathetic mode (rest and digest)
- Nausea and headache - cleansing of toxins
- Temporary rash - release of toxins through the skin
- Greatly energized - system running cleaner

It is essential to drink plenty of water during the 24 hours following a treatment.  This will allow for the speedy removal of toxins from the system reducing or eliminating some of the possible reactions.


Reflexology Courses

Reflexology Certificate Course:

A 12 hour course that teaches you a full reflexology treatment including basic theory.

Cost:  HK$2,700


Language of the Feet Workshop:

3 hours

Cost:  HK$360

Have you noticed how each personís feet are so different?  Each individual has strengths and weaknesses, emotional hang ups, physical problems, things to hide, personalities that give strength and others that let us down.  Through Language of the Feet you can begin to read the subtleties of life that believe it or not show up on the soles of the feet.  It is well known that the foot reflects the physical attributes of the body.  Now you can learn how the emotions also affect the body through Language of the Feet.  For example, the right foot represents the past and the left the future. Hard skin can show how we are trying to protect our emotions.  Characteristics such as shape, lines, hard skin and colour speak to us about our soul. 


The ever changing characteristics of the feet provide tremendous insight into our true characteristics, it shows an individuals needs and reflects the potential for self development. 


Join this workshop for a fascinating tour of the feet. Remember reading the feet gives us the potential to see our strong points and to develop them more fully. To recognise our weaknesses so that we can give ourselves the support we need.




(Pre- requisite  Recognised Anatomy & Physiology Diploma)


The course requires a minimum of 100 hours contact, a further 50 hours or more of home study, plus 45 minute multiple choice theory examination and 1 hour 30 minutes practical examination . Practical case studies are also required, a minimum of four treatments on four clients.


Training covers:

Course Cost:  HK$15,000 

Cost includes: notes, 2 large towels, 2 small towels


Student extra costs:


Approx 25

Uniform, you may already have one from A & P course


Book (optional)


Exam Fee


Total approx