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Crystals for Crystal Healing, Crystal Massage and Cold Stone Massage. Click on link to see more crystals.

Palm Stones, Chakra Sets, Tumbled Stones, Crystal Points, Crystal Wands

Basalt stones for Hot Stone Massage

50 Stone Set


Hot Stone Heater


Sage for smudging


Biosun Ear Candles

The safest candles on the market

HK$60 per pair

 Portable Presentation Case that holds 64 Essential Oil bottles


Carrier Oils

Aquaoil - washes out of clothes and towels easily!

HK$350 per litre Body Blend of Almond and Macadamia Nut

Organic Essential Oils

Organic Hydrosols  
Natural Personal Care Products

Spirulena, 100% Organic, Spirulina is a blue green algae. It is the most richest source of essential nutrients, contains high amount of proteins including all essential amino acids, essential fatty acids (especially GLA), vitamins (especially B complex and E), antioxidant carotenoid, powerful detoxifying phytopigment, enzymes and minerals. Powerful green food for immune supporting, anti-ageing and detoxifying.


CD's for relaxation, meditation, massage etc  
DVD's - Inspirational and educational, bodyworking techniques etc