Holistic/Swedish Massage


Holistic/Swedish Massage Certificate Course


15 Hours

Cost: HK$2,700


Course Content

Massage Basics Course

Basic course to get you started so that you can work on friends and family.  Mainly practical.

6 Hours

Cost: HK$1,200


You will learn all the basic moves that are used in Swedish/Holistic Massage and shown a complete sequence to put all the moves together.  We will cover the whole body; legs, back, shoulders, neck, arms, abdomen, face and head.


Massage Workshop

Learn all you can by following the tutor applying different massage techniques.  Half the time will be spent with you doing the massage and half the time you receiving the massage.

3 - 4 hours

Cost: HK$600


Body Massage CIBTAC Diploma Course


(Pre- requisite  Recognised Anatomy and Physiology Diploma)


The course requires a minimum of 40 hours tutor contact, a further 10 hours or more of home study, plus 30 minute multiple choice theory examination and 1 hour practical examination.


Subjects Covered:

Course Cost:  HK$7,800 

Cost includes: notes, 2 large towels, 2 small towels


Student extra costs:


Approx 25

Uniform, you may already have one from


Book (optional)


Exam Fee


Total approx