Private Appointments with Valerie Demery




Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork:  (3 - 4 hours) Massage Honouring the Sacred Body. May incorporate the following:

Sacred Foot Washing + dialogue (1/4 - 1/2 hour)


Kahi Loa massage (1/2 - 1 hour)

Kahi Loa means "Permanent Oneness". It is a shamanic form of Lomi Lomi massage and Hawaiian healing which employs the mana (divine power) of Spirit in Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, Plants, Animals and Humans. Kahi Loa is a deep, gentle, loving communion with Nature and one's soul. It can be a truly sensuous, healing journey of pure Hawaiian Magic!


"Temple Style" Lomi Lomi (2 - 3 hours)

This Temple-style Lomi Lomi is a rite-of-passage that was performed in ancient Hawaii to bridge heaven and earth energies in the body. Our physical and spiritual natures are not separate, rather they dance together as one in a fully integrated human Being.

Lomi Lomi means "to remove what doesn't belong." It is an ancient rite-of-passage for integrating the physical and spiritual energy. This deep tissue Hawaiian massage/dance can bring you home, as well as relieve many layers of stress and tension. We focus deeply on all the joints in the body, releasing toxins and expanding range of motion.  A powerful, cleansing, healing journey. It can reconnect you with your Mana.


Cost: HK$2,400 for 3-4 hours full treatment

            HK$1,300 for 2 hour Sacred Foot Wash +Lomi Lomi


For more details about this bodywork please look at the Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork page

Advanced Energy Healing:   Pure hands-on-healing directed to balance the energy of the client and so to aid in their healing

1 hour - HK$800


Aroki Reflexology:  Incorporating aromatherapy and energy healing in an effective reflexology treatment

1 hour - HK$800


Aromatic Facial:   A complete facial using only the best aromatic essential oils and vegetable oils. Personalized aromatic blends made specifically for you and your skin type. A very nourishing and nurturing experience.  Includes: skin analysis; cleansing;  face, neck and shoulder, hand and arm massage, face mask, moisturize. 

1 hour - HK$800


Aromatherapy Massage:   Personalized aromatic blend of essential oils and vegetable oils applied in a beautiful relaxing massage. 

1 hour - HK$800


Crystal Healing:  Using natural crystals in a body placement layout + Advanced Energy Healing directed  to balance the energy of the client and so to aid in their healing

1 hour - HK$800


Diamond Star Activation HK$900 each for individual one on one appointments See hyperlink for details


Ear Candling: Ear candling plus simple lymphatic drainage massage to head and neck. Using safe Biosun Ear candles.

45 minutes - HK$400


Hot/Cold Stone Therapy:   This form of massage integrates the application of thermo-therapy using basalt stones for the heat and marble and semi-precious stones for the cold application.    The stones are used in a foundation layout protocol and in active massage which was developed to be soothing and nurturing.

1 hours - HK$1,200


Indian Head Massage:  Working on the head, neck and shoulders where,  if you are stressed or anxious, tension tends to accumulate. Indian Head Massage involves working with varying pressures in a gentle rhythm helping to unknot blockages and release tension, this effect is not just physical, it also works on an emotional level, calming the spirit, promoting relaxation and relieving stress.

30 minutes - HK$400