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Best regards - Nigel Demery


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Presidential Election 2002


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Returning Officer has advised me that the results of the 2002 HKAOA Presidential Election are as follows:

Members entitled to vote 1088
Votes cast: 907
Nigel Demery 574 63%
Phil Elliot 309 34%
Peter Hay 24 3%

Consequently, I have written to both Phil and Peter and asked them to consider being Principal Officers on  the new General Committee that will be formed after the AGM on 7th August.

Thank you very much to all concerned!  More importantly, a very major thank-you to my family who have supported me in this venture; without strong family support this would not have been possible.

I will now do my very best to achieve the course of action you have directed.

Best regards


Nigel Demery           5th August 02


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HKAOA Presidential Election 2002:

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